Friday, October 10, 2008

Watched "Obsession"again last night...

And if the "peaceful" version do not do whatever they can to help, we may have to inflict large collateral damage. There is so much contradictory stuff in the Qu Ran it's unbelievable how they could find this to be their "religion". Isn't there supposed to be some form of consistency in the message?
Whatever, there are those who wish to live a good life for Allah, vs those who wish to die in jihad for allah. Women and children are supposed to be protected against the war, it is only to be fought between the warriors. How then can they use women and children as suicide bombers?
Come on, you decent Muslims. Fight against this pollution of your religion by the psychotic "fundamentalists". If there really are more of you than of them, help us to overcome the insanity and have a decent world.

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