Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's ALL Bullshit.

All of it. I can't find an "emoticon" or a "smiley" that properly represents the YOU STEAMING PILE OF CAT PUKE YAK SHIT MOTHERFUCKING GOAT PUSSY LICKING PIECE OF SHIT attitude that would so aptly show my displeasure with this entire election cycle. If this nation survives to 2012, Palin/Jindal '12!
Sarah Palin is the only worthwhile component of this entire election cycle.
McCain sucked in the debate. Should have gone for the throat. Delivery was off.
Obama lied his ass off as usual, but: The msm is in the liberal tank so even when we win, they won.
If my language offends you, sorry 'bout that shit. I'm a touch irritated.